Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Os - Sweetest Memories

The Sweetest Memories always remains in everyone mind forever…”

"Hey Mishty, bye, see you in the evening. I'll pick you up at six," whispered Maan, in Geet ears when Geet was working in the kitchen.

Geet just smiled and nodded since Dadi was also in the kitchen. Geet and Maan had been married for six months now, and it had been an arranged marriage. Both families chose them for each other. Maan was chosen based on his family background and his ability to support Geet after marriage. Before Geet met Maan, Geet was extremely nervous and worried that she may not like him. Geet was always in the thought of How am I supposed to live with him if I don't like him?

Fortunately for both of them, love sparked as soon as they met each other. Maan was handsome, sweet, and cheerful. They got married three months after meeting, but during that time they never went out on a date.
Finally the night arrived: there wedding night. Geet was very scarred of that night. She did not want everything to happen so fast. Geet’s mind was filled with thousands of questions, and she was trembling a little as she saw Maan entering the bedroom.

Geet and Maan barely knew each other. Although they liked each other, they had never talked much and had never gone out on a single date.

As Maan entered the bedroom Geet was getting more and more tensed, he came and sat on the edge of the bed. Geet became even more nervous.

But what happened that night was the sweetest thing any husband could do for his wife. The love for Maan grew to immense heights after that night for Geet. Maan then took Geet’s hands in his hand. Maan could feel Geet’s  hands trembling and how very cold they were.

Maan just smiled and said, "Geet, I know you're very nervous.. so am I." He continued further…… "You know I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. I knew we were made for each other, but we never really got to know each other. I never even took you out on a single date. So..."

Maan stopped and looked deep into Geet’s  eyes.

Maan continued further "I believe that everything should come in naturally and should not be forced."

Geet (self thought) Oh my! He thinks the same way I do!

Geet smiled back to Maan and waited for him to continue.

Maan further continued: "So maybe we should save our first night together till we really understand each other and let it come naturally. What do you think?"

Geet was shocked and pleased at the same time! She was almost in tears and just nodded in agreement. And thought that Maan was so nice and understandable.

Maan looked very pleased and asked: "Look, I want to take you out on a date tomorrow. Where shall we go?".

Geet was shocked to hear a word A date???: Her mind ran into questions Finally I'm going out on a date...with my husband!

Geet was beyond excited!

Geet: "I always wanted to go for a movie for a date,".

Maan just returned the smile and agreed.

Maan: "I'll sleep on the sofa in our room until our first night together.

Looking and hearing this Geet was so surprised. Geet took his pillows and arranged them on the sofa and then changed into night gown.

Maan came out of the bathroom and walked towards Geet.

Geet wanted to hug Maan after what he had told her but was too nervous.

Maan came to Geet, cupped his hands on her face, and kissed her forehead

Maan: "I really love you,". "And you look very cute when you're nervous." Good night

Geet smiled and hugged Maan in return. The touch of Maan hands down her arms and her waist felt like thousands of butterflies flying in her body. Geet could feel the warm and was feeling safe in his arms.

The next day Maan and Geet went see a movie on their first date. Geet was dressed to her best, and they had a wonderful time together. They were acting just like a dating couple. No one would have guessed by their behaviour that they were married.

Maan was very smart and very romantic. Maan would wink when no one is looking to Geet. Maan would sneak up to the kitchen when Dadi was watching TV or busy with something and would hug Geet from behind when Geet would work in kitchen.

The first time when Maan did that, Geet was totally shocked thinking that she never knew that her husband was so romantic.

"I see someone is busy," Maan said as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

Geet liked when Maan used to do this to her his hands felt so good.

Geet: "What are you doing?! What if someone walks in?"

Maan: "It's okay. No one will come."

Geet loved the feeling of his hands. Maan ran his hands down her arms and on her stomach. Geet could feel like she was in heaven. Slowly he kissed the back of her neck. Geet really wanted this to continue but Maan stopped.

Maan (whispered): "I won't be able to stop myself if I continue,".

Geet kissed his cheek:  "You know you are such a sweet husband."

Maan smiled and left the kitchen.

This love affair continued for a whole month. They both were prepared to give themselves to each other on their one-month anniversary. Geet wanted to make it a surprise, but Maan already had his own surprise plans!

Finally the most awaited day arose that is the morning of one-month anniversary which fortunately fell on a weekend.

Geet woke up early that day to prepare for Maan’s favorite breakfast but was surprised to see that Dadi was packing.

Geet: Dadi "Where are you going?.

Dadi: I thought of visiting to my friends place as she is all alone and staying over the weekend.

Geet was very happy hearing this. After waving goodbye to Dadi, she went back into the house to prepare breakfast.

Maan was still asleep.

Geet (self thought): Maan would be glad to see the house empty.  I should get ready for him…..

She went into the bedroom to change into one of the favorite dress of Maan. After dressing up, Geet went back to the kitchen and continued her work.

After a few minutes, Geet felt Maan’s hands touching her arms and then he hugged her from behind as usual.

Maan: Geet I see that Dadi has gone to her friends place.

Geet turned to face him in a shock: "How did you know that Dadi has gone there?"

Maan: "Well, my princess, it was my idea to send her to her friends place. Happy one-month anniversary. We wouldn't want anyone to disturb us tonight, right?"

Geet: this was your idea.

Maan then released Geet from his arms and took three steps backwards. He scaned her from top-to-bottom.

Maan: " look sexy in this."

Geet decided to tease Maan a little. Walking close to him, She run her hands on his face.

Geet: "I thought I'd create a little excitement for you while waiting for tonight." Geet tried to make her voice seductive but was not sure whether it worked.

Maan: "Oh, really?"

Maan ran his hands down her back and touched Geet’s face. They gazed lovingly into each others eyes, and then Maan gently kissed Geet’s lips.

That was first real kiss, and it was unforgettable! Slowly the kiss became more passionate, and they could feel the sexual tension building in them. Maan lips moved onto Geet’s neck and then ventured even lower. Geet knew that she was losing her control. Geet thought that she wanted him so badly.

The whole day was spent in the house. They watched a movie together, and they sat next to each other, putting their hand in each other arms and having a fun full of day. Sometime Geet would put her hand on his shoulders. Maan’s hand was also on Geet all the time. They could feel the fire of desire burning within them.

After dinner Maan handed Geet a packet and told her to get ready in another room. Geet went into another room and closed the door. The packet contained a beautiful Saree, combination of red and white in color. Geet got ready and after half an hour he knocked on the door.

Geet opened the door and Maan was shocked to see Geet in that saree.

Maan: "You look so sweet and kissed Geet. He further said:  "I'm going to blindfold you and lead you to our bedroom."

Before Geet could reply to it, he closed her eyes, and Maan took Geet in her arms!

Once they got there, Maan let Geet down and removed the blindfold. Geet was totally shocked to see the bedroom.

Maan had decorated it with white and red roses and lighted scented candles. Geet could feel her eyes tearing.

Maan whispered: I wanted to make this night very special for you. Hope you like it.

Geet: "It's so beautiful...thanks."

Geet kissed him gently but the kiss grew more passionate with desire.

Maan removed her clothers one after another. and gently lifted her onto the bed.

Maan began running his hands on her face, kissing her as his hands went lower. He then kissed her neck and slowly nuzzled his head on her chest. Geet’s heart was beating faster and faster. Both were going crazy with desire.
Maan whispered : "Are you ready?".

Geet with shyness on her face just nodded as she was also desperate for him.

They made love for the first time after one month of marriage.

It was the first time for both of them, but Maan was very gentle and understanding, and Geet had the best time in her life that night. Each and every touch had Maan’s love.

Afterward, as Geet rested her head on his chest, Maan ran his hand on her hair lovingly.

Geet: "I'm sorry I made you wait a month for this. Thank you for understanding me and for giving me such a beautiful moment. The sweetest memories.

Maan: I wanted to make it as perfect as I could for my baby princess."

It was indeed perfect...


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Amazing OS yaar

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Sweet .... Such a caring husband.... Both loved each other ....