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FF Pride & Prejudice Part 6 & 7

                                                     PART - 6

Geet comes out of office and saw Pari waiting for her little tensed……..…….. Geet thinks that why not make Pari little more tensed………. Geet comes near Pari and says Hi Pari…….. Pari says forget Hi first tell me what happened???? Geet says forget Pari I think I am not worth for that job…. They want someone experienced and I am not the one….. Pari says how dare they do to you first of all that khadoos boss of this company what does he thinks of himself………who itne bade company ka malik hai to kya kuch bhi bolega kya mai abhi jake uski khabar leti hu…… Geet thinks Pari is getting more serious so she says Pari forget it yaar anyways tomorrow also you are coming to drop me right…… Pari gets back to normal and says what??? Oh so you were teasing me you wanted to see how much I get angry wait now I will show you….. and she starts hitting her and then both hug each other…….. Pari says you know very well tu to meri jaan hai and I cant see you upset phir bhi yeh natak ja I wont talk to you…….. Geet says ok sorry yaar now I wont do this promise….. acha chal lets go home everyone must be waiting for us………

Anvesha College

Anvesha and Arjun both were sitting and discussing about the syllabus for their exams…….. Arjun tells Anvesha lets go and have some coffee as I want to talk with you something…… Anvesha says ok …….. They where about to leave to canteen for coffee and Anvesha receives a call from home…….. Anvesha answers saying yes Mom…… Saviti Devi says where are you??? Anvesha your college timings are over long back and you have not reached home…… Anvesha stammers and says Mom actually had some work in college just leaving now to come home…….. Savitri Devi says come fast before your bro is at home and hangs the phone……….

Anvesha thinks what to tell Arjun but looking at the expression of Anvesha Arjun says Anvesha you go home we will have coffee some other day……… Anvesha says sorry Arjun have to go but definitely we will go next time…….. Anvesha says Bye and goes off……….

Geet Home

Pari drops Geet home and says will meet you later and don't trouble anyone one at home like you did to me…… Geet says no how can I do that but yes to you I have full right………..

Everyone is waiting for Geet at home…… Chachu says why are you all so tensed apni putar bohot intelligent hai use job zaroor mil jayegi dekhna….. and Geet enters the room and every one starts asking her, Geet says if you all will go on like this, how can i tell you about my first day in office.…… Papaji says now be quite chalo Geet putar tell us what happened…….. Geet thinks if I tell them that what actually has happen and the boss is totally khadoos Papaji wont allow me to go…….. Mummy comes and says Geet we are asking you something what are you thinking Everything went on well or not, the people working there are good na……… Geet comes to senses and says ya mummy everything went on well and is it possible that I go and my work is not done…….. I got the job and I have to join the office from tomorrow……….. Everyone gets happy and hug her………
Mummy starts explaining to Geet to be careful of everyone you have never been to outside world so take care……… Geet interrupts and says Mummy mai koi jang ladne nahi ja rahi hu and I was staying in hostel during my studies……… Chachi comes and says Geet your mummy is used to  taking tension………And you know very well everyone are so possessive about you & thats the reason y she is telling you to be careful…….…….. now tell me were you hiding something about the interview……… Geet says no chachi seriously everything went off very well…………. Chachi says ok you take rest you must be tired I will call you for dinner in some time…….. Geet self thought  am so happy that I will leave my own life I will get accustomed to the life outside this house………. Ya only problem is that khadoos who doesn't even have a smile on his face pata nahi kya khata hai jo humesha gusse me hi rehta hai…… ya but Adi Sir and Pinky were so nice to me they helped me a lot……….

Maan Home

Savitridevi, Anvesha and Vicky were talking to each other…… Vicky was telling them about the shopping done by him and Meera…………. Savitri devi was asking Anvesha, Ani why you took so long to return from college……  Ani says Mom that I was with one of my friend discussing about the syllabus for exams………the exams are nearing that's the reason we were discussing……….. While they were talking Maan enters and says Oh Ani when are your exams starting…….. Everyone looks at Maan…………. Ani says Bhai next month……… Maan says so very little time is left how are your studies going on………. Ani says Bhai its going on………. Maan tells Ani like always I want you to be a topper this time also……… I have been noticing that now a days you don't concentrate much on studies….. and I just heard mom saying that you come home also late from college……. Ani says no Bhai I will not let you down I will try my level best…… Vicky changed the topic and said Bro how was the presentation and everything went……… Maan says it went off very well……. So are you coming tomorrow to office……….. Vicky says yes Bro I will be in office tomorrow and before coming to office I will also go and check the progress of our on going project and give you the report in the office…….. Maan says ok Vicky………. Savitridevi says Chalo everyone get fresh and come to dinner table fast…… Ani and Vicky leaves and Maan was just about to leave and Savitri Devi says Maan……… Maan turns and says yes mom……… Savitri Devi says tell me finally have you appointed Geet or not……… Maan looks at her and says yes Mom I have appointed her she seems intelligent………….. Mom looks at Maan with a smile and says oh so you have started praising her waise Maan who buri nahi hai, waise dikhne mai bhi achi hai app kahe to and she stops………. Maan says mom no way she is not at all my type and he speaks to himself pata nahi khud ko samajti kya hai usse to koso dur hi rehna acha hai…….. and he leaves………. Savitri Devi smiles to herself ……………..

                                                    PART - 7

Geet Home

Next morning Geet starts getting ready for office'''.. and she thinks  I should not get late  on my first day of office'''. Chachi comes to Geet room with a puja thali in her hand and wish her all the best and gives her blessing'''.and while leaving her room she says come fast for breakfast everyone is waiting for you''''.Geet says yes Chachi''''. Geet gets ready and comes to the dinning hall and takes ashirwad of everyone''.. While having breakfast Papaji tells Geet so you are joining the office from today'' Geet yes Papaji'''. Papaji start telling her that if she finds any problem in working or the people are not good with you don't hesitate just tell us about it'' and if you feel that you are not comfortable their leave the job don't care for them understood''.. Geet says but Papaji without working for few days how would I know and don't worry your daughter can take care of herself'''''.Chachu says ya my beti is strong enough to take care of herself and of others also'''Everyone blesses Geet for her first day of office''.. Pari enters and Mummy says are Pari beta come have breakfast'' Pari says no aunty I just had I just came to wish Geet and to drop her to her office and then I will drop her and go to mine'' Papaji says dosti ho to aisi you both just cant live without each other''' They both smile and hug each other''.. Pari says chal Geet I hope you don't want to get late on your first day''''. Geet says no no come lets go''''..

Khurana Construction

Geet enters and meet Pinky and Adi sir and wishes both of them Good Morning and Pinky shows Geet her cabin''' Adi introduces Geet to other staff members of the Company'. Now the turn comes of Geet to introduce her to Shasha and Tasha'' Adi tells Shasha that she is Geet our new Architect'''. Shasha gives an arrogant look to Geet and says oh you are our new Architect'''.. Have you ever worked anywhere''Geet says no this is my first office'''.Shasha says oh I don't understand how you have been appointed then''.. Adi says Maan sir have appointed her now please go and work and tells Geet come I will show you the complete office and if you have any problem or you need anything you can tell me or Pinky'''. Geet says thank you Adi Sir''''' Adi gives a file to Geet and says this is the file of new project which we need to start''''. Geet says ok and she leaves'''

Geet was moving with her file in the office and sees Maan entering office and everyone gets back to there sit''' Geet talks to herself kaisa hitler hai ki iske ate hi sab aise dar gaye and thinks I will go from other way to my cabin he is coming from this way and if I bang with him again he will start screaming for no reason''' I need to avoid as much as I can''.. she turns herself and takes the other way to go to her cabin not realising that Maan's cabin is just beside her cabin and he takes the same way'' Geet was walking looking at the file and Maan was talking on the phone and they bump into each other'. Geet is shocked to see him in front of her''' Maan says you not again'. Tum kaha dekh kar chalti ho... jab dekho tab takrati rehti ho''cant you walk properly''.. Geet says sir I was walking properly only ab app phir beechme aygaye to mai kya karu''.. Maan says no point talking to you''..

Geet is working in her cabin on the file given by Adi''' A peon comes and tells Geet that Maan sir is calling her in the cabin''''.Geet looks to him and says ok am coming'''.. She talks to herself hey babaji ab kya hua kyu us Hitler ne bulaya''.. I get scared to go before him'''. But Geet listen he has called so need to go ok relaxed and go'''

Geet comes in the cabin and knocks the door Maan looks and says ya Geet come in'''. have a seat''.. Geet says app ne bulaya tha'' Maan says ya actually wanted to discuss a file which Adi has given you this morning''.. Geet says yes sir I was going through that file''.. Maan says it's a dream home for the couple who has given this project so we need to be careful of how we make it''''.. Geet says yes sir'.. Maan says while going through the file do you have any specific idea about how we should proceed''.. Geet says sir I was thinking this been a dream house of some one we need to give some traditional touch to the house''' Maan says no traditional things it should be completely morden''' Geet replies saying no sir I think we should give a traditional touch as its someone house and not a commercial building''''. Someone is going to put their love to make it a home so a traditional touch should be there like an Indian seating along with a modern sofas and chairs etc'''. Maan says I don't think now a days any one uses such type of thing''.. Maan and Geet start fighting over the issue and Maan says why are you so prejudice about things''.. why cant you listen to anything''' Geet replies saying Sir am not prejudice am just telling what will suit the project''' During the fight both losses their temper''''. Geet says lets do one thing lets ask the client only what they would prefer''. Maan says I know what client choice is but for your sake I will tell Pinky to fix a meeting for your sake''.. Geet says ok lets see and Geet leaves the room banging the door''''.

Geet goes to her cabin and says I don't understand what he thinks of himself always'''.. Maan to himself pata nahi kaha se iske sath pala pad gaya'''..

The conference call is conducted and Maan and Geet ask client what they are interested into traditional touch or Modern one''' The client says they want it to be both'''..

Maan and Geet again start fighting now on the issue that client has agreed to his/her point of view.

Precap: Vicky says Hi to Pari and Geet

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