Sunday, 8 January 2012


Geet was getting ready and Maan was examining the preparation... It was there reception'''. The grand Reception''.. Maan had taken care that everything will be of Geet's favorite from flowers to food everything''..thats the reason he was giving special attention to it''' While Maan was looking at the decorations and also giving instruction for the changes to be made''..

Maan goes into self thought thinking I never ever imagined that Geet will become love of my life''.. She will become my heart without whom I wont be able to live'''

Flash Back

Geet was an Art Student in a well-known college'''

Maan was a Science Student in the same college''''. Maan was senior to Geet by 3 years'''.

Geet and Maan both were brilliant in there respective field'''. Both were rankers''' Maan had a group of friends who always used to do lot of Masti not only among themselves but also to others''
And Geet had a group of friends who also used to do masti but there masti was confined to only themselves''''..

Being from different field Maan and Geet had never ever met each other'''..

Maan's one of the friend (Vanraj) started liking Geet one of the friend (Priya)''.. Vanraj and Priya started meeting with each other'' and casually both fell in love''''..Because of them both the group started knowing each other'''.

As Maan group was naughty''' Maan himself started teasing Geet as Mrs Maan and Geet use to get highly irritated'''.

Geet:- Maan please stop calling me by that name''''.

Maan :- But why Geet''' Whats wrong you are very soon going to become that so abhi se adaat dal do'''..

Geet :- Enough is enough Maan''' tum sab se to baat karni hi fhijhul hai'''

Not only Maan but Maan others friend also started teasing Geet'''.

Priya always use to tell everyone don't tease Geet so much otherwise it will create problem for her''..

Days just started passing by''''.. Maan teasing Geet increased day by day''..

Geet started liking Maan but still Maan never had any feelings for Geet'''.

Priya: Geet whats the matter why are you sitting alone'' baki sab kaha gaye????

Geet: are Priya kuch nahi yaar bus aise hi'''.

Priya started noticing change in Geet'''. Geet who use to scream when Maan use to tease she had started liking that tease'''..

Vanraj: Maan tub hi na ab bus kitna chedega Geet ko agar who serious ho gayi to'''..

Maan : Nahi re''.. she also knows that I am teasing her''..

Priya comes when Maan and Vanraj were talking and overhears the conversation''

Priya: nahi Maan bus karo agar tum Geet ke bare me serious nahi ho to'''. Because she is taking things much seriously now'''.

Maan: What are you talking Priya?????? She very well knows that I am just joking

Priya: that's the reason I am telling you to stop this

Vanraj and Priya goes away leaving Maan alone''''.

Some days passed as usual it use to go'''..

One day Maan was sitting with his class mate (Rohan) in the compound of the college

Rohan: Kya Maan tum to humesha kehte the kit um kisi se pyaar nah karoge to ab kya ho gaya

Maan : ha to abhi bhi mai yehi keh raha hu''

Rohan: Then who is that girl with whom you are always there'''''

Maan : Aare who to apna Vanraj hai na uski girlfriend Priya uski friend hai''.. When ever Vanraj and Priya meet so we are there with them

Rohan: Oh so you don't like her or love her

Maan : No yaar Love no''' ya she is a very nice girl but I don't love her at all

Geet just hears this last sentence made by Maan and gets shocked

Maan sees Geet and goes near Geet and says Hi

Geet : Hi

Maan: Geet lets have coffee in the canteen

Geet who is shocked and is above to cry say: No I have lectures

Maan: Geet any problem why are you sounding low

Geet: No nothing have to go

And Geet goes away without saying anything more

Maan self thought what happened to her'' She never use to behave in such a manner

Geet started ignoring Maan completely'''. When ever she use to be with her group and use to see Maan coming or Geet use to just go away'''. Even if they by mistakely they came in front of each other she use to just say Hi in response to Maan''''..

Priya realised it and asked Geet: Geet I have been noticing last few days what's the matter
Geet couldn't hide her emotions in front of Priya and told her everything that initially she didn't liked Maan teasing and then don't know how I started liking Maan but when I realised that Maan doesn't like me I am trying to control myself and Geet cries a lot in front of Priya

Priya consoles Geet and thinks I need to talk to Maan and Vanraj both'''. Before even Priya thinks of telling to Maan and Vanraj Geet tells Priya

Geet: Priya tum yeh baat Maan ya Vanraj ko nahi kahogi...

Priya: But Geet unhe bhi to pata chale ki unka majak and then she stops''

Geet: No Priya promise me''.. please

Priya: Geet I wont tell but I wont promise also

Vanraj and Maan and there group were going for there practical and saw Geet crying'''. One of the friend told Maan see Mrs Maan is crying'' Priya heard it and came near them and says Enough now I had told you all before also am telling it again''

Vanraj and Maan realises that something is wrong and tell them to stop''..

Geet started ignoring Maan completely and she also started coming less to college as she was not well and also exams were nearing she would stay home and study'''..

Maan started realising the absence of Geet

One day finally Maan asked Priya when she was with Vanraj

Maan: Priya, Geet aaj kal bohot kam ati hai college and if she comes she just ignores me''.. What's the matter

Priya: I don't know

Maan: Priya but she is your good friend you wont know that is not possible

Vanraj: Maan why are you bothered so much

Maan: Vanraj kaisi baat kar rahe ho yaar?????? I mean Priya Geet is well na...

As Priya had told Vanraj everything Vanraj says

Vanraj: Chod na Maan kya karna hai tujhe

Maan: No I want to know that means you both are hiding something

After much arguments and everything Vanraj tells everything to Maan about Geet loving him to no end

Maan is shocked''.. After that day Maan was always in the thought of Geet, he always use to ask to Priya about how Geet is???? Geet absence made Maan realise that not only Geet but Maan has also started loving Geet'''.

Vanraj and Priya both realised that Maan has started loving Geet and some how he loves more then what Geet loves Maan

On the other side also Geet was still not able to forget Maan at all''' She always use to think of Maan''..

Vanraj and Priya spoke to Maan

Vanraj: Maan tum apne dil ki baat Geet ko kyu nahi bata dete

Maan: Par Vanraj Geet mujhe completly ignore karti hai... mai uske pass jane ki koshish karta hu who utni hi dur jati hai

Vanraj: Maan exams khatam hote hi apna jo vacations se phele college function hota hai tab tum use propose kyu nahi karte'''..

Maan : But who waha ayegi kya???

Priya: Maan uski chinta tum mat karo Geet ko lane ki zimedari meri

Priya: are jab tum dono ne humra itna sath diya hai to ab tum dono premi jodle ko milane ki zimedari humari'''

Exams get over and the function's date comes'' After much of convincing by Priya to Geet, Geet gets ready to come to the function

Maan: Geet hi. You are looking beautiful

Geet: Hi and thanks and was about to go

Maan stops Geet and says: Geet I need to talk to you'''.. please wait

Maan: Geet I wanted to say this to you last many days but couldn't say you that I LOVE YOUHeart

Geet shocked: Maan please stop this''' Please don't play with my emotions and was above to go

Maan holds Geet hand and stops her from going and says no Geet am serious''.. I know I have hurted you very much but I seriously cannot live without you''''.

Maan bends on his knees holding Geet's hand in front of everyone and says Geet Will you be mine for ever and forever''.. I just cannot live without you

Geet has tears in her eyes and says yes

They both hug each other''' They started meeting each other'''

After completing their studies Maan joined his Dad's Business & Geet also Joined her Dad's Business 

Now the time of marriage came''.. It is said that where there is love God will make all things open for them'''. The common family friend of both Maan and Geet family bought a proposal for them and the family very well agreed to it'''

So the love marriage became arranged marriage'''.. They got married

Back to Normal

 All the guest started coming and Vanraj and Priya came and bought Maan in the current situation and said so finally Mr Maan congratulations''.. He saw Geet coming down beautifully dressed and Maan goes to receive Geet and says to everyone She is love of my life'''''''''..