Friday, 20 January 2012

SS - Maaneet College Life - Part 13

                                                         PART - 13

One of the member comes and says to Maan that we will take Geet's audition at the end so that she will be relaxed by that time'''

Maan nods his head'' and all three goes near Geet''

Geet was crying continuously''..

Shreya: Geet bus abhi aur kitna royegi''..

Anuva: Geet are you listening to us''..

Nita: Geet forget what ever has happen dear''..

Geet: How can I forget''  It was my mistake'''

Shreya: Who told you it was your mistake???

Nita: Geet it was not at all your mistake''.. Don't think too much on that''.

Geet: I had told you before also I won't able to do the dance'' and because of me Maan ko bhi''.

Maan, Sachin and Arnav were listening to her from behind

Maan:  Maan ko bhi kya Geet'''.

All turned and found all three standing...

Nita with an eye signaled Maan about Geet''.. Maan nodded his head in positive as if saying not to worry I will handle it.

Maan goes and sits on his knees opposite Geet'..

Maan: Geet What happen????'..

Geet did not answered''. Just nodded her head in negative''.

Maan: You don't treat us your friend'''

Geet:  Nahi nahi aisa nahi hai''..

Sachin: To kya hua Geet'''.

Arnav: Why are you crying so much''''.

Shreya: Kuch to bolo Geet'''..

Geet (sobbing): Because of me Maan fought with them'''

Maan: I fought because they were wrong''' And I fought for my friend'''

Geet: But I should have not taken part in''''

Maan did not allow her to complete her sentence'''

Maan: Sshhh'' No Geet you are still taking part ''..

Geet: Nooo'''.

Nita: Why not????

Geet: I don't want to create any scene again'''' Enough  things have happen today''.. I cannot take it any more''..

Anuva: Tu aise daregi to kaise chalega''.

Shreya: Anuva is absolutely right''. You have to take part'' You have to take part for us'''

Sachin: You have to give your audition'''

Maan: We will never want you to lose'''..

Arnav: Geet don't be scared''' We all are there with you''''

One of the student comes running and tells all auditions are over only audition of Geet is remaining'''.

Shreya: Chalo''..

Geet: Nahi''..

Arnav: Theek hai Geet'' I think you don't treat  us your friend''..

Geet:  Nahi nahi aisa nahi hai''.. You all are my very good friends who are supporting me''''

Maan: Then what is the problem Geet''' Don't be scared''' Come on lets go'''

Geet nods in positive''.

This time everyone goes to the Audition hall''''..

Member: Geet are you ready''.

Geet looks at everyone''''. And she can see the confidence in their eyes for her'' But the two cute eyes were searching for someone who was not to be seen'''.

Geet went to the stage but was still nervous''..

When she reached the stage one hand moved towards her'''. She saw it was Maan''.

Maan nodded his head as if telling Geet to dance with him''.

Geet felt confident and put her hand on his'''

The music started and along with the music Maan and Geet danced on the rhythm''' They were dancing as if they were the happiest person on the earth''.. They danced as if no one is around them''. They were engrossed in their dance'''.

All of them were stunned seeing them dancing''..  Nita had a smirk smile on her face''..

Sachin: Yaar yeh to ek dum mast tha'''

Arnav: I mean perfect yaar''..

Shreya and Anuva were jumping in happiness because they knew that Geet is a very good dancer and were happy to see their friend dance like this''

The music stop and everyone got up from their seat and clapped for them'''.

Member: We knew that Maan is very good dancer but Geet you were just superb'''.. Why were you so scared'''''

Geet: Actually I was doing this for the first time so I got scared''.

Member: You are selected''.. But we want that you should both perform together for the function'''.

Geet: Ya why not'''..

Maan was stunned to hear this'''.

Geet: Thanks Maan'''.

Maan: Madam aap usul bhul rahi ho'' friendship me no sorry no thank you'''''

Geet just laughed''

All came and appreciated them'''.. But Nita ke dimag me kuch chal raha tha''''.

Precap: Results''.. tension tension''. Chocolate  Day

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