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SS - Maaneet College Life - Part 7

                                                        PART - 7

At home:

Maan was feeling bad as he should have not teased so much to Geet'.

He was thinking to say sorry to Geet'''

Alok enters the room

Alok: Maan beta why are you so quite'.. I have never seen you so quite before

Maan: Dad aap kab aye''

Alok: Mai abhi aya... But why are you so tensed... Any problem'.. Can I help you''

Maan: Dad by mistakely I have hurted some one

Alok: So the simple way is to say sorry'.. Saying sorry will sort out many problem'..

Maan: Ya Dad even I was thinking the same''..

Alok: By the way''.. Whom have you hurted and you are so tensed

Maan: Who Dad koi nahi'' one friend

Alok: One friend and you are so tensed'.. Kahi koi ladki to nahi na'..

Maan: Dad''

Alok: Ok ok take care. And say sorry to her'..

Maan gets relieved after talking to Dad and thinks that he will say sorry to Geet'..

Geet home

Geet was upset but she did not allowed it to see on her face'' Geet hugged Dadi and said I love you Dadima''..

Savitri: I love you too beta'' But what happened today to you'.

Geet: Nothing Dadima'' I just felt  saying so I said it'''

Savitri: Ok ok go and get fresh'''

Shreya and Anuva comes to Geet house

Anuva starts screaming from the door itself'''.

Anuva: Geet Geet''..

Savitri: Kya hua why are you screaming'''

Anuva: Dadima where is Geet'..

Savitri: She is in her room''.. But at this time what are you both doing here'' what happen????

Anuva: Dadima who''..

Shreya cuts her in between: Kuch nahi Dadima aise hi milne agaye'.

Savitri: I hope you all are not lying''.

Shreya: No No'''.

Savitri: She is in her room go''

Both go to Geet in her room'''

Geet: aare tum dono yaha is waqt''

Anuva: Why we cant come here...

Geet: you can come whenever you all want''.

Shreya: We were worried for you so we came to see you''.. Are you ok

Geet: Ya I am fine'' Its ok it happens

Anuva: Maan ki baat ka itna kya bura man gayi tu''..

Geet: Who jab dekho tab chedta rehta hai...

Shreya: Leave it yaar''.. Anyways what are you all planning to wear tomorrow for Friendship day''..

Anuva: Tum log to Punjabi suits hi pehenoge''..

Geet: Yes'' 

Anuva: Its so exiting na''.

Geet, Shreya: Ya its fun yaar''

All three keeps on talking for long


Maan and his gnag were already in college''..

They were busy in their own masti'..

Arnav was trying to impress a new girl''.. But that girl was not at all ready to talk to him'' Arnav gets disappointed and comes back''

Sachin: Sudhar ja Arnav'' kitni baar mar khayega'.

Nita was in full mood to tease him''

Nita: Sachin, don't worry yaar Arnav ko koi na koi mil hi jayegi'

Arnav: Ya someone will tie friendship band from me...

Nita: Keep trying'''

Nita: Hey Maan why are you quite today''..

Maan: Nothing yaar'''

Sachin, Arnav: What nothing??? It can be easily be seen on your face''..

Nita: Maan, you are hiding things from your friends''

Maan: No Nita''..

Sachin: Then what'''. Tell us why are you so quite''

Maan: Actually I am feeling bad yaar''.. That guilt is not going at all''..

Nita, Arnav and Sachin look at each other gives a surprise look at each other''.. They were not able to understand what Maan was trying to tell''

Sachin: Yaar Maan tu kya bol raha hai'''

Nita: Maan whatever you said now has gone totally bouncer''

Arnav: Please explain

Maan: Because of me Geet cried yesterday'.. I should have not teased her so much'' I did not knew anything'' I mean'' (he stops)

Nita: Ohhh to kal ki baat ko leke pareshan ho''

Maan: Ya Nita''..

Nita: are to simple solution is there''.. Anyways today is a Friendship day so why don't you say sorry to her and tie a friendship band to her'..

Maan: will she accept'..

Sachin: why wont she accept'' you are not proposing her'' that you are thinking so much'..

Arnav: Maan tu bhi na...

Nita sees Shreya and Anuva coming

Nita: aare wh dekh Shreya and Anuva is coming''..

Maan: But where is Geet'''

Nita: Ya Geet is not to be seen

Sachin: Let them come here we will ask them

Anuva and Shreya: Hiii Guys Happy Friendship day'..

Everyone: Hey hiii Happy Friendship day''

They all tie friendship band to each other''..

Maan eyes where still searching for Geet''..

Sachin noticed it''..

Sachin finally asked Anuva and Shreya'''

Sachin: Hey Where is 3rd friend''..

Nita:  Hey ya where is Geet''.. She is not to be seen any where'..

Anuva and Shreya looks at each other'' 

No precap: What do you think... Where is Geet..  will she come or not...

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