Thursday, 12 January 2012

FF on Maaneet Pride & Prejudice Intro - !

                                                         INTRO OF MAAN FAMILY

Maan Singh Khurana ----- A 30 year old famous handsome Business tycoon staying with his Mom, brother and sister in Delhi…….. A strict, hard from outside but soft at his heart and has a lot of respect for his family…

Savitri Devi Khurana --------- Maan's Mom'. Very nice at heart and loves her children to end'. Maan only listens to his Mom and no one else

Vicky Singh Khurana --------- Maan's younger brother'.. who loves his bro a lot' For him Maan words are final''.. He helps Maan at work''

Meera ------- Vicky girlfriend. They both are madly in love with each other and Maan is aware of this fact

Anvesha Khurana -------- Maan's sister''. Anvesha being the youngest in the family everyone loves her too no end''.. Her all demands are always fulfilled by her brothers''.. She studies in college

Arjun Singh ------ Anvesha and Arjun studies in same college'. They are confused whether they are in love with each other or are just good friends