Thursday, 12 January 2012

FF on Manneet Pride and Prejudice Intro - II

                                             Geet and her Family

Geet Handa -------- A 25 year old beautiful, bubbly daughter of Business Man staying with joint family. Being youngest in the family she is a sweet heart of every one'' Completed her studies''.. She belongs to a very conservative family'. But family has given all the freedom but words said by her Dad is the last word for every one''

Madan Handa (Papaji) ----- Geet father eldest in the family a very traditional person whose value comes first then any other thing. The family respects him a lot. He is a business man

Ranjana Handa(Mummy) - Geet mother is a very caring person'.. and a best friend for Geet'..
Shakshi Handa(Chachi) ----- For Geet Chachi is her second mother'.. She takes more care of Geet than her own mother

Anand Handa(Chahu) ---- Geet chahu is very supportive and supports Geet at every possible thing' Sometimes he becomes a mediator for Geet and Papaji

Geet's best friend Pari ----- Pari is Geet childhood friend and shares everything among each other.