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FF Pride & Prejudice Part 4 & 5


Geet and Maan both in lift. Geet is arranging her papers and talking to herself Pata nahi Kya hoga sare papers bikhar gaye. Aur kapde bhi gila kar diya and looks at Maan and talks to herself Aur sorry bhi nahi bol raha hai. what attitude he has and suddenly the lift stops. Geet screams and says hey babaji now what will happen. Maan who was silently listening till now says please keep quite. kab se baad baad kar rahi ho and by the way let me tell you it was your fault not mine understood. Geet says no you came on my way and they start fighting. Maan says thank god the lift started otherwise I don't know how much more time I had to tolerate her. Geet gets angry and says even am not interested in talking to you understood. The lift halts and Maan Comes out and says batameez ladki. Geet still in the lift has to go to next floor. Geet Comes out of the lift and start searching for pinky. Pinky sees Geet and says Geet where were you. I was waiting for you since long. Geet says sorry Pinky

Ek baddimag ladke se pala pad gaya tha. Pinky tells Geet ok I will take you to Adi sir he is the one who is going to take your interview.

Adi start asking Geet questions and ask her about her experience. Geet says no sir I have no experience but if you Give me one chance I will prove myself. Adi likes the confidence in Geet and appoints her. While all the formalities of appointment was going on Maan enter and calls for Adi. Geet and Maan both looks at each other and innocently Geet speaks out you not again. Maan says to Geet what the hell are you doing here. Geet says am working can't you see. Maan gets super angry. Maan screams Adi Adi. Adi comes running yes sir. Maan pointing at Geet says. What is she doing here. Geet is confused. Adi says sir she is our new architect. I have just appointed her. Maan says no I don't want her in my office. Geet says but why???? Who are you to say this to me. Adi stops Geet from anything further and says Geet he is our boss.

Hearing this Geet is completely shattered……………… Maan looks at Geet and says now you know who I am now leave…………. Geet says sir but you can test me once atleast give me one chance……….  Maan says mai tum jaisi ladki ko job nahi deta………. Geet says but sir it was your fault also and you are blaming me alone………….. Maan looks at Adi and says I don't want her here understood……….. and all of you come for the meeting now………….

All leave from room………. Geet sits and has tears in her eyes……. She doesn't know what to do………… Savitri devi had come to office to meet Maan as she was passing through office………. She sees Geet crying and goes near her and says kya hua beta app ro kyu rahe ho????? Geet wipes her tears and says nothing Mam………

Maan sees Geet and Savitri Devi together and comes near them…… Maan looks at Geet and says you are still here……… I told you to leave right……… Geet says Sir am just leaving…….. Mom says Maan beta whats the matter why are you talking this way………. Maan says nothing Mom……….. you tell me why you are here……. Savitri Devi says this is not my ans….. Maan says she was here for interview of architect but she doesn't have any experience and then very slowly says the aisi ladki ko mai kabhi nahi job pe rakh sakta hai…… Geet was about to leave but Savitri Devi stops Geet and says wait and goes near her and ask what is your name????? Geet answers Geet…….. Savitri Devi says Geet I am appointing you………… Maan interupts and says but Mom…….. Savitri Devi says Maan Beta we should give her one chance you never know she may change your destiny…………..

Part V

Savitri Devi again insists Maan to give Geet one chance to prove herself'''' Maan cannot avoid anything what ever her mother says so Maan tells ok Mom for your sake am giving her one chance but if I am not satisfied then I wont take her''' Savitri Devi says ok first give her a chance'' 

Maan looks at Geet and says Geet there is a meeting in 1 hour''.. I want you to look at the file and prepare a presentation to show it to the Client regarding how the structure and everything will be there''.. Geet says but sir only 1 hour that's and Savitri Devi interrupts and says Maan you are unreasonable''.. Maan says no Mom I am giving her an opportunity to prove herself'''. Geet says no problem Mam I will try to do my best''' Mam mai yeh challenge accept karti hu and agar maine yeh kar dikhaya to mujhe khud par naaz hoga ki mai difficult situation me bhi maine har nahi mani aur puri koshish ki'''.  Savitri Devi says to Geet I am proud of you''' Maan turns to Geet and says Pinky and Adi will be there to help you and to explain the complete transaction''''.. and one more thing if you upset the Client in any form then I don't want you here''' Geet says yes sir'''.. 

 Savitri Devi wishes Geet all the best and goes along with Maan''.. 

Adi and Pinky gives the file and starts explaining the needs of the client'''' 

Geet looks at the file and starts preparing the presentation''' Geet gets very tensed and says to herself''' maine tabi bade shaan se sab kuch bol to diya par thek nahi hua to kya'' ab mujhe dar lag raha hai'''.. hey babaji meri madat karna''.. Geet remembers Pari and calls her before Geet could say anything Pari says Geet I was waiting for your call last 1 hour''.. you did not even respond to the SMS which I sent you'.. how was the interview???? What happened????? Aare why are you quite ans my question????? Geet says if you keep quite only then I can ans na'''. Geet tells Pari what has happened form the time she left her till the present situation''' Pari gets worried and says I should have not left you alone yaar I am sorry Geet''' Geet interrupts and says don't be mad Pari you did not did it purposely yaar its ok any way I have to give presentation in 15 minutes if again that sadu comes and sees me talking he will come out with new excuse''.. I am feeling good after I spoke to you'''.. Pari says Geet I know you will be successful''.. aare boss use bhi dikha de aise hi topper nahi thi tum college ki apne kaam se uski bolti band karde''' Geet says ha Pari ''' Pari says don't be scared and All the very Best'' just give me call after you are done ok Bye take care''' 

Adi and Pinky enters the cabin and Adi ask Geet is your presentation ready clients will be coming any moment and you know if we are late Maan Sir will be angry''' Geet says yes Adi Sir its ready'.. I have done my level best''.. now everything I leave it to Babaji'' Pinky comes near Geet and says Geet am sorry I couldn't help you on any thing'''. Geet tells Pinky no no Pinky its not at all your fault'.. I am actually very grateful to you and Adi Sir that you both really helped me out to complete the presentation in such a short time''' A peon enters the cabin where all three are standing and says Adi sir Maan sir is calling you all''.. Adi and Pinky wishes Geet All the Best and Adi says Geet I am very sure your project will be appreciated by everyone''.. because jo sache dil se mehanat karta hai uski kabhi har nahi hoti'' aur tume mehanant ki hai''''. Pinky says Adi Sir you are absolutely right Geet you will surely win the heart''' Adi says chalo lets go Maan Sir will be waiting''''. 

All three enters Maan cabin'' Maan looks at Geet and then says Adi are all the arrangements done for the meeting''.. Adi says yes sir everything is ready''' and you Miss Geet is your presentation ready and I don't want any mistake understood''' Geet says Sir this is the presentation for the meeting '''''' Maan says I don't want to see that''.. and you have to give the presentation and not me'' Geet is shattered and says but Sir atleast have a look once''' Sir you never told me that I have to give presentation you just told me to prepare it''.. Maan says so what??? I am telling you now you have to give a presentation also'''. Adi says but Sir how can she give and Maan interrupts and says why what's the problem in that Adi and that's my order'''' 

One of the staff members enters the cabin and says Sir the clients have come and they are waiting for you in conference hall no. 2''''' Maan says ok''..


Everyone is seated and each one is introduced'''' Mr. Malhotra (the Client) says to Maan... Mr. Maan can we go on with the presentation '' Maan replies saying yes Mr. Malhotra we are ready Adi will give you a brief description and then Geet will show and explain the proposed structure, interiors and background and everything''' Mr. Malhotra says ok than Mr. Maan lets start what are we waiting for''..

Adi gives a brief description to the client''.. Maan turns to Geet and says Geet show the presentation''.. Geet looks and Pinky and Adi and Adi nods his head to go on'''.. Geet prays to Babaji and starts the presentation'''

While giving the presentation the colleagues of Mr. Malhotra starts asking Geet questions about what made her think that this particular thing should be at this particular place only and not at any other place and Geet was able to put her point and convince them to all the question which were asked''.. The presentation gets over and Mr. Malhotra says Mr. Maan we are totally impressed with your super efficient staff and the way our issues were solved we are impressed'' Jaisa humne app ka naam suna tha waisa hi app aur app ka staff hai'''. Mr. Maan this project is yours let sign a deal''' The deal is signed and the clients go'' Along with the client Maan also moves out and calls Adi also to come with him ''

Geet thanks babaji and says about success of the presentation and Pinky comes near Geet and says Geet you have done it now Maan sir have no option but to give you this job'' you have totally proved it to him'..Geet says but Pinky he just went off without saying anything''.. Adi enters and says Geet congratulation''''. Geet says but Adi sir I am in the same position when I was before''' Adi says no Geet you are appointed as our new Architect''' Geet says Adi sir, are you serious''' Adi says yes Geet Maan sir just told me to give you the appointed letter soon and you can join from tomorrow'''


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