Monday, 16 January 2012

SS - Heart of the Sea Characters & Intro


Maan Singh Khuarna: A very strict and disciplined Man but was very very handsome''.. He runs a very big company known as Khurana Construction'.. His world is only limited to his office and his home''' And in the name of friends and family only one friend Aditya and one little sister Palak'''. His parents died when he was in college.  Maan would do anything and everything for Palak and Aditya''

Aditya: Maan's best friend and he also works with Maan in Khurana Construction always ready to help each other.

Palak: Maan's little sister''  Totally opposite of her brother'' She loves him like any thing''.. but doesn't do anything without her brother's permission''

Geet Handa: A very bubbly, energetic girl'' Lives her life to it's fullest'' Enjoys each and every moment''.. She believes in the formula Har din aise jiyo jaise ki akhari ho'' She is all alone in the world''.. Only one person in her life is Palak'''. Geet and Palak are best friends


Heart of the sea... The heart which was  full of love suddenly what happened that the love vanished... Will that love ever come back in the heart...

This is a story of 2 people... One who lives it life to the fullest... who belives in love, dreams, fate, the magic of legends ... and other who has stopped believing in everything. He thinks he had given love long ago... For him world is only his work and nothing else... What happens when two different poles meet... Will she able to fill his heart again with love...  But as their mutual attraction flares into passion, they look into their hearts and find out what happens when you truly believe...

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