Monday, 16 January 2012

SS Maaneet College Life Characters

The College period is the best period in everyone's life''. Everyone starts learning new things'.. Days Pass of but College remains in the memory of everyone for lifelong''''

This is a Short Story of two individuals about there college life, there typical masti of college, how they met and how they fell in love with each other..

                                                     Family of Maan

Maan Singh Khurana- He is 21 years old handsome guy staying with his parents'. He is the only son of his parents''. He is studying in an Engineering College and doing his Marine Engineering'.. He is the best student in his college''..

Mr. Alok Singh Khurana:  A very famous Business tycoon running a company known Khurana Marines and dad of Maan. A very supportive to Maan... 

Mrs. Shalan Singh Kurana: Mother of Maan. A very loving and a caring women'..

                                                Family of Geet

Geet Handa: She is 18 year old a very Bubbly and a beautiful girl'.. She has just completed her 12th Std and took admission in an Engineering College for doing Electronics Engineer' She is a very brilliant girl and very active in all fields'. She stays with her Dadi''.. She lost her parents in her car accident'.. For Geet dadi is everything'.. Whatever her Dadi says is the last word for Geet''

Mrs Savitri Handa: Geet's dadi'.. A very loving person'' After the death of her son and daughter in law she took care of Geet like her mother'' For her Geet is everything '.. She runs a boutique''..

                                               Maan Friends in College

Maan has three very good friends Arnav, Sachin and Nita'' They are in same class and always hang out together''..  Nita in there group is totally tomboy. They are always ready to do all type of masti anytime...




                                                    Geet Friends

Geet has two friends since school'.. Shreya and Anuva'' They were lucky enough to get admission in same college also'.. This three are inseparable among themselves''..  In all circumstances they are always together... They dont hide any of the things among themselves.



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